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Just call us “your friend in Paris”.

A while back, our founder Jessica Dante noticed that her travels were always SO much better when she had a local friend taking her to the best new restaurants, to the bars that only locals knew about, and tell her what to definitely avoid so she didn’t fall into the typical tourist trap. That deep local knowledge always felt so enriching to her time exploring that place, but she knew that most people travel to places where they don’t have any friends they can rely on.

So she decided to build something that felt like they did.

At Love and Paris, we’re a team of Paris experts, but more importantly, energetic locals who are here to help you have your BEST visit ever, giving you the info you need as if we’ve all been friends for years.

We know you want to do the major sights you’ve seen in the films and learned about in school, and we can guide you for that stuff. But what we really LOVE to do is help you experience the city like you live in it. From sending you to sexy wine bar where you’ll learn about French wine from a sommelier that lives just around the corner, to telling you about the hidden museum that even locals pass by without noticing, to showing you a quaint boutique hotel you’ll love in an area that wasn’t on your radar, but should be. THAT’S what gets us fired up.

And as much as we tell you what to do, we also tell you what NOT to do, as that’s even more important. We’re here to help you save time, money and disappointment. There’s no room for that during your limited time in this amazing city.

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Meet our Paris Experts

Lily Heise


A long-time Paris resident, Lily Heise is a travel writer whose work has been in Condé Nast Traveler, Huff Post, Fodor’s, AFAR, and Frommer’s, among others. When she’s not uncovering the city’s best secrets, she can be found on a Parisian café terrasse or traveling the globe.

Lynn Azar

Content Creator

Lynn always dreamt of living in Paris, as she grew up listening to stories from her French family. Once she finally arrived in the city, Lynn quickly fell in love with it. As a director, she spends her time scouting locations for shoots and exploring the city with friends, giving her a unique perspective on Paris. She has discovered everything from classic French cafes to hidden gems that only locals know. She’s excited for everyone to learn more about what makes Paris so special.

Jamie Nyqvist

Content Creator

Jamie embodies the quote: “to be a Parisian isn’t to be born in Paris, but to be reborn there.” Since 2016, she’s been exploring the lesser-known side of Paris and working with Parisian influencers to bring tourists off the beaten path. Her work has taken her beneath the city streets for a film screening in the Paris Catacombs to above the rooftops of the Pantheon dome.

Amelia Fry

Content Creator